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Welcome to the 2016 Fine Arts Season.
Everyone is asked to respect the following studio rules and policies:

1. No gum of any kind in the building.
2. Food and drink in the lobby only, none allowed in dance rooms.
Do not leave snacks behind in lobby or homework area, please dispose of all trash.
3. All student belongings must be labeled with name (including shoes).
4. Come prepared for class each day, proper attire and shoes are required (no panties under leotards). students who are not dressed properly will not be allowed to participate.
5. Listen to teachers and practice at home.
6. Use the restroom prior to class, no bathroom breaks during class time,
(except absolute emergencies) this takes up valuable instruction time.
7. No student is allowed to leave without an adult. You must come inside to pick up your child. We will not be responsible for
any student outside the studio.

8. Students are to be picked up within 10 minutes of their last class; a late pick up fee will be charged for those who remain more than 10 minutes after last class.
9. No student cell phones, electronics, or backpacks in dance rooms.
10. Backpacks and dance bags should be stored in homework room when not in use. Students are responsible for keeping their areas tidy and all their belongings together.
11. Most importantly, HAVE FUN!!

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I am here by choice, therefore I will be focused.
I am here to learn, to achieve, and to acquire an appreciation for the arts, and the discipline imparted by the study of dance.
I will always do my best by being a good listener, staying focused, and disciplined.
I will not chew gum in class nor will I bring food or drink inside the dance room.
Before entering the classroom, my hair style will be as required.
I will wear no necklaces or long earrings in class.
I will not leave valuables in the dressing area.
I will respect the rights of others at all times; take my “turn” in order; and never embarrass another student.
I will respect my teacher by being a good listener and refrain from talking during class.
My classroom attire will include the proper dance wear required and my dance bag will be my “toolbox”.

I will be receptive and thankful for constructive criticism so that I can learn to improve my skills.
I understand that my body is my instrument and sloppy “T-Shirts” are not in keeping with the purpose for which I am here,
and are not permitted in class.
I will be persistent and patient with myself because I know
that my efforts may not show results tomorrow, but WILL –one day soon!
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